Gloucester Docks | England

Living in England for two years meant that I managed to do quite a bit of exploring around the country. But it was often the places nearby that I really loved and would go back to time and again. One such place was the Gloucester Docks.

A complete Victorian port system, surrounded by brick buildings and house boats, the Gloucester Docks are still used, to some extent, for what they were originally designed for. Of course these days there are modern buildings scattered around, and old buildings that have been turned into apartments overlooking the water ways.gloucester docks 2

There are so many things to do in and around the docks, so you can easily spend a good morning down there, or even the day. There’s the Waterways Museum, the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, an outlet shopping mall, the Mariner’s Chapel, Antique shops and even a brewery. As well as just taking a wander and seeing what you can find, you can hire a narrowboat for the day and cruise through the canals, or if you’re not into driving the boat yourself, you can take a 45 minute cruise.

As well as all these things, during the year there are different events, markets and fairs that take place. While I was there, we went to the Victorian Christmas Market, and it was amazing. Stalls lined the carpark, with twinkling lights and hot mould wine were in everyone’s’ hands.  There was an old fashion merry-go-round, and people dressed up in Victorian outfits. If you happen to be in Gloucester when the Christmas Market is on, then it’s definitely one to head along to.

gloucester docks 3

If not, then check them out anyway. It’s a proud part of the Gloucester community, and used by a lot of people, both from Gloucestershire and around that part of England.

Cost: Walking around the docks is free

Hours: All hours for a wander around. Check out the Gloucester Docks website for specific shop/museum times

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