Why Air New Zealand is the Best Airline to Fly With

Image from Air New Zealand website

When I was 18-months old, my parents decided it would be a good idea to move to Asia. Since then, I haven’t stopped travelling. While I’m no where near close to finishing my list of places to visit, I have been blessed enough to have opportunities to travel quite a bit, despite living at the bottom of the world (or is it the top? You decide). Travelling from New Zealand means the only option is flying, unless you pay for a cruise. There are no trains across borders, no busses to just hop on to pop to the neighbouring country for lunch. The only feasible option is flight.

That being the case, I’ve flown with quite a few different airlines, ranging from Qantas to Singapore Airlines, from Ryan Air to United Airlines, from Emirates to Easy Jet, and yet out of all these airlines, Air New Zealand comes out on top for me every single time. I’m not being biased – okay, perhaps a little – and I feel like I would think this even if I weren’t from NZ. If you’ve had a great experience with Air New Zealand, do let me know about it at the end of this post.

air new zealand in dunedin
Image from my personal Instagram

The Comfort

The worst thing you can have on a long distance flight is uncomfortable seats. Thankfully, Air New Zealand is top notch when it comes to comfort. They are leading the world in new innovative ways to design planes, and it definitely shows, especially in the large planes. On the 777-300 models there are now Economy Skycouch seats, which allows you to buy an extra seat, flip the bottom of all three seats, making a sleeping platform where you and your partner can actually lie down and sleep during the duration of the flight.

“The Skycouch is a trio of three Economy seats that together create a flexible space for whatever you want it to be – to relax and stretch out in, or for the kids to use as a play area.” – from the Air New Zealand website.

I’ve seen couples sleeping, children sitting together on two seats folded up, drawing and playing with toys, and one parent with two children comfortably spending time on the three seats. It is, in my opinion, an incredibly smart way of flying. If you don’t go for a Skycouch seat option, the normal economy seats are very comfortable, and have a lot of room both in width, and in depth, with a good distance between seats.

The Entertainment

In the last few years, the large long-distance planes have really upped their entertainment game. The screens in the back of the chairs are all touch screen these days, with extra fun features like Seat-Chat (talk with someone in another seat, or another part of the plane), more TV shows and movies, more games (which, again, you can play with others), and are beautifully laid out and easy to navigate.

If you have a frequent flyer or Airpoints numbers, and you’ve logged that in prior to getting on the plane, then when you sit down and turn on your screen, it says ‘Welcome Anjali!’ You can then save your preferences, save movies for your next flight, send emails to yourself, and even order food right from your seat. It’s a magical, magical world up in the air.

Image by Murray Douglas, from Stockvault
Image by Murray Douglas, from Stockvault

The Simplicity and Efficiency

Speaking of navigating easily, compared to a lot of other airlines, Air New Zealand makes everything simple. Travel shouldn’t be stressful, and if it is then something or someone isn’t doing their job very well. From booking flights, to asking questions about baggage and dietary requirements, everything is answered for you, and if you can’t for some reason find the answers you’re after then the help desk at the airport is you next go-to place. Simple, easy, uncomplicated.

As well as being incredibly simple, once you start getting into the process of booking flights, and arriving at the airport, everything is so very efficient that you’re in and out of check in and bag-drop in a matter of minutes. Everything is labelled and signed, and it’s very unlikely that you get lost or don’t know what you’re doing. The lines are often short, and if they’re not then they’re fast moving, because of the efficient turn through of people, even off the full international flights.

Air New Zealand
Image by San San on Free Images

The Service

One of the main things you notice when you’re flying is the attitude, the helpfulness and the professionalism of the air-hosts. No matter the time of day, no matter the destination, the start location, the length of flight, the amount of passengers, Air New Zealand hosts are friendly, helpful, professional. They always look like they love what they do, and they carry themselves with air (excuse the pun) of professionalism. They’re not afraid, however, to show their own personalities and to have a laugh with the passengers.

Returning home from living in England for 2 years, we flew various different airlines on the way back, but as soon as we got on our final leg of the journey, as soon as we stepped onto that Air New Zealand aircraft, it was like we were home already. It was incredible how different they were to the rest of the world’s airlines, and while I’m not complaining about the others at all (I have a few favourites out there), there’s a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain something-something about Air NZ.

Image from my personal Instagram

The Welcome Home

My favourite thing about Air New Zealand (and forgive me if your home country’s Airline does this too) is the home welcome. When you step off the plane from an international flight into the very efficient customs line to get back into the country, they make conversation. They look at where you’ve been, they ask about your trip, they stamp your passport, and then smile and say

‘Welcome home’.

And it gets me every time.

There’s something about coming home that makes even the staunchest of people feel that warm fuzzy feeling, and being welcomed home by a stranger wearing the New Zealand smile and the Kiwi can-do attitude is the best feeling, and the best thing about coming home.

Air New Zealand Team
Image from Air New Zealand

So what?

So why am I sharing this with you? Not only am I hoping that you too, one day, can experience the wonders of an Air New Zealander hospitality team in the air and on the ground, but also because I’m proud of my country and the high standard of welcome, of service, of efficiency and of warmth that they pour out into their highly-demanding jobs.

Here’s to you, Air New Zealand. Thank you for being an incredible company that does it’s country proud. Thank you for being one of the great things that puts our country on the map.


Disclaimer: Air New Zealand did not ask me to write this post, nor do they endorse it. It is simply a post about my favourite airline and their great service.

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