How I Only Took my Handbag for 2 days in Amsterdam


One of the reasons I went and lived in England for two years was because of Europe.

There it was, right on my doorstep, and I made as much use of it as I could afford. Granted, it never felt like enough and I need to go back. However, for the little time I did spend there it was grand, and mostly fabulous experience.

One of the trips I made was to Amsterdam, tagging along for the ride when my dad went on a business trip. It was going to be a short one – two days – but I was definitely looking forward to it. We didn’t have checked in luggage, only carry on, and so the only thing I took was my handbag.

How? Easy.

It was a decent sized handbag to begin with, but it all came down to what I took and how I packed it. I knew that both days I would be taking my bag with me around as we explored, so I needed as little as possible. The largest, heaviest thing I took (and which I would not leave behind even if I had to sacrifice pajamas) was my camera.

Besides my camera, I took my pajamas and a change of underwear, all which were rolled up and stuff right at the bottom, snug next to my small make up bag, which had only my essentials in – deodorant, foundation, mascara. I also took my phone charger, wallet and, obviously, passport. My outfit consisted of comfortable leggings, canvas shoes, a skirt with pockets, a top and cardigan, which I wore both days. It was spring when we went, so the need for jackets and extra layers was moot.

On top of all this sat my camera, while we were on the plane, but it was around my neck as I wandered the beautiful city.

While most people would have probably opted for a backpack for a two-day trip, for those of us who don’t really like them, a large over the shoulder handbag does the trick nicely. The other advantage of this was that we didn’t have to arrive at our hostel until late on Friday night, and when we checked out the next day, we didn’t have to go back for any suitcases or packs.

If you’re planning a short stop-over-like trip like this, and the thought of carrying around a backpack doesn’t float your boat, then a handbag like this was an excellent solution, and I’ve also been quite proud of this trip because of how little I took.

What I’m saying is that packing light for such a short trip is 100% doable, and I never regretted not being able to take an extra set of clothes or more than I absolutely had to.

Let me know if you’ve taken this amount (or less!) on an overseas trip before!

amsterdam 1

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